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What areas in the City Centre should the Evening Economy apply to?

almost 6 years ago

What are your thoughts?

Consultation has concluded

  • Lucas almost 6 years ago
    I believe the evening economy should stretch from (and incorporating) MacCabe Park, as far East as the beaches and incorporating the entertainment precinct, Lang Park, the Harbour and Stewart Park. As far West as Gladstone Ave/Crown Street, and as far North as the freeway.
    • steven_noble almost 6 years ago
      This little happening that's west of the railway line as far as I can tell, so I'm not sure why you'd spread your eggs by trying to create a precinct that stretched all the way to the freeway.
      • Lucas almost 6 years ago
        The train stations of North Wollongong and Wollongong should not be left out of the night economy as they are main transport centres for the Wollongong CBD. It would make sense to connect the night economy to these areas. While I agree that there's not much happening up West on Crown St, there's just not much happening up there already - to transform this area (which in all honesty is only about two, three blocks) would at least give that area some vision instead of its current drab state. As for the region in the North; you would only be referring to Cliff Rd and Flinders St, as most of this area is residential. Cliff Road is a great drawcard in terms of beauty and possible amenity, and Flinders St already contains a train station and a popular entertainment venue (North Wollongong Pub) however they are disconnected from the rest of Wollongong's main eateries and bars by only a couple of blocks.