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Live music in Wollongong

almost 6 years ago

So what do you think is currently working? What's great about live music in Wollongong?

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  • Belinda Carter over 5 years ago
    I don't think a lot of places can justify spending money on live music. A lot of smaller places are busy anyway &/or don't have the budget.Perhaps council could subsidise some venues around town. One's that are interested anyway.Perhaps they could offer a subsidy for a while to help the venue establish the live music nights.I'm thinking restaurants/cafe's small bars.The venue may then come to enjoy/experience the benefits/crowd live music brings.What does council/others think about this?
  • Staci Talbot over 5 years ago
    I am looking at opening a live music venue in wollongong and was hoping to get some feedback from musicians, artists, and party people. What would you like to see. What is lacking in wollongong right now? All responses are welcome. Music, decor, food, drinks, etc. if there was one place to go,,, what would it be
  • Scottl64 over 5 years ago
    The recent weekend of 'vocal music' was great. I saw some choirs in the park and some cool vocal stuff at Alibi bar. Despite hearing some moron complain to staff and ask 'when will this junk be finished, when will the dj be on?" I think it was great. Alternately we could just have more venues like Ivory, with more DJs and all become brain dead ;) The vocal stuff was one of the best 'think outside the square' creative things ive seen in this city for a long time. Please lets keep doing more creative stuff like this. Alibi at least is putting on some regular entertainment, small live acts. The other venues should be encouraged to do the same.
  • thatguywiththeface over 5 years ago
    Stop whinging & start doing.There's a big difference between posting something online & actually contributing to make a difference.From experience, it's not that hard to get a gig in Wollongong, or anywhere for that matter.
  • MrLombard almost 6 years ago
    Just go to Sydney City and especially Darling Harbour one restaurant was split in two. One side for eating lunch/dinner the other side was for drinking with a bar some basic tables and comfortable chairs with a singer and a guitarist behind the bar playing latest modern popular music making it a nice musical experience without being too loud. These days you cant smoke inside any public place or venue so lets allow people that want to have a few drinks and listen to music back into our bars and hotels! Also as we have closed The Oxford and The Patch has been stopped from playing live music lets re open The Beach Bar for extended hours especially September till March(warmer months) and also the Night Club at the Novotel next door to Beach Bar to be re opened in Tony Abbotts words lets show people Wollongong is re open for MUSIC BUSINESS!!
  • Alana Parker almost 6 years ago
    Local Wollongong band Dlinkwnt came third yesterday in the National Uni band comp in Canberra, this is third in the nation. All nine members are local Wollongong people. There are so many other talented local musicians , who given the right exposure and support can also continue to be recognized further afield other than Wollongong. The Patch is gone, the Oxford went many years ago. It's time for council to step up and support the talent that Wollongong has, just my thoughts, cheers
  • tifftopz almost 6 years ago
    There is nothing great whatsoever about live music in Wollongong (CBD at least).*Music licenses need to be given freely, so every bar, club, restaurant, cafe, etc can employ musicians (provided they pay them a set minimum amount).*Venues need to be sizable and well-equipped.*Competition should be encouraged and variety endorsed; new start-ups as far as alcoholic venues are concerned should not be hampered by red tape. Perhaps special zoning for particular music types available to encourage diversity.*Community boards for band advertisements should be provided/encouraged.Ask the musicians what's wrong and how to fix it. Look at Melbourne's very successful music policy. etc
  • Sean almost 6 years ago
    The problem is that any band that wants to get anywhere has to gig around Sydney and further abroad to get any recognition, I've been in a successful local act that was stuck in the limbo of Wollongong music venues myself, and that was when the Grand and Oxford were still the main venues. I can't imagine trying to get a band up and rolling in the Gong now, with what is on offer.
  • Music crusader almost 6 years ago
    not much at all, when one group or company owns 90% of the venues there is no competition, the venues trying to push live music are either too small, are not set up for bands to play, or they are out of town.