01. Rail Arrival

about 3 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

The city will offer an inviting, high quality and well connected rail arrival.

With strong pedestrian links to the City Centre and hospital, it will greet visitors and locals with an exciting and safe arrival experience of vibrant, active, enhanced public spaces and lanes.

Consultation has concluded

  • Mtraynor almost 4 years ago
    The two laneways east and west of the line are aweful and univiting. Remove one of them and improve the other but develop Station street to be the main pedestrian/ vehicular access way to Crown Street with suitable streetscaping, & encourage retail/food outlets to give it a welcoming and "alive" feel. Add a free? Shuttle service to connect rail with downtown Crown Street...even light rail?
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    • Admin Commented Wollongong City Council almost 4 years ago
      Thank you for your comments. Your suggestions are great, and we will take them into consideration as we finalise our report.
  • JanetM almost 4 years ago
    Visitors arriving from the north need to have better signage and very often don't see the lift. The stairs from outside cannot be managed with cases, strollers, elderly legs etc.
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    • Admin Commented Wollongong City Council almost 4 years ago
      This is a very good point, Council certainly agrees. Accessibility is a huge issue at this station, as is the need for signage/visual prompts to direct people in/out of the station and to key locations within our City Centre. If you see any great examples of signage - please feel free to send them through as this is something we are currently investigating here at Council. Keep your ideas coming, Janet!