06. Foreshore

about 3 years ago
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A thriving outdoor culture will connect the city with its relaxed beach lifestyle.

The foreshore is recognised as an important part of the City Centre, with its natural beauty informing the character and identity of the city. Strong visual and physical connections along Crown, Burelli and Market Streets will invite people to move easily between the built up city and its relaxed coastal setting. The city is anchored at the foreshore by South Beach forecourt, providing an exciting sense of arrival with a range of activities and programmed spaces to invite people to enjoy the city’s natural setting.

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  • Mtraynor almost 4 years ago
    I disagree. The foreshore does not anchor the city.....it is isolated at the end of crown street. Now that the Steelers and the Dragons have "gone"Win Stadium could be let go and relocated to a site outof town that can accomodate large events and festival. Turn it into a cultural precinct , highlighting the current heritage sites ...but allowing development something akin toDarling Harbour. Make it a magnet for entertainment.
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    • Admin Commented Wollongong City Council almost 4 years ago
      Thanks for comments, we will take them into consideration.
  • Ella.DGC almost 4 years ago
    i hope all the trees and natural elements are kept the same you do not want to destroy the beach. but i think the bike thing is ok and also i think you could put up some bike racks in various car parks and promote the ride to work think, because 10 bikes is equivalent to 1 car. this reduces pollution increases exercise and is fun and healthy. with this idea were the pavement is you can put fun, witty and clever stencil art on the walkway like to the ocean with little fist on it. those things always make peoples day.
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    • Admin Commented Wollongong City Council almost 4 years ago
      Hi Ella,We love your ideas for encouraging cycling in our City. We agree - infrastructure that supports cycling (beyond the cycleway) is important in making this an easy, and enjoyable form of transport.
  • JanetM almost 4 years ago
    Please keep some of its historic elements and the 'natural setting'; it would be such a pity if it became just another highly urbanised 'on trend' park with highly priced bad coffee and lost its ordinary charm.
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    • Admin Commented Wollongong City Council almost 4 years ago
      Hi Janet,The foreshore is such a beautiful asset in out city with a lot of heritage. We would like to see this preserved and celebrated too!Do you have any ideas of how we could achieve this? Did you know have an online survey at the moment as part of our engagement on A City for People? It's simple, quick and you could win 1 of 5, $100 vouchers! I encourage you (your friends and family) to jump online and share your ideaswww.wollongong.nsw.gov.au/psplsurvey