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What is community engagement?

Engagement is about asking the community to help Council make better decisions. Engagement allows Council to benefit from the local knowledge of the community, creating shared visions and commitment to solutions.

What is Council's privacy policy in relation to submissions?

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1993, your submission including any personal information such as your name and address, may be made available for public inspection.

You may request, in the form of a statutory declaration, that Council suppress the personal information in your submission from public inspection, if you consider that the personal safety of any person would be affected if the information was not suppressed. Any such request will be dealt with in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Act 1988.

You may also make an anonymous submission however if you choose to do so Council will be unable to contact you any further as to the outcome of your submission. Additionally, anonymous submissions will be considered however it should be noted that the lack of information as to the respondent’s place of living may affect Council’s consideration of the potential impact of the subject proposal.

Note: If Council receives a submission from any person who is legally required to provide a disclosure of any reportable political donation and / or gift under section 147 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, Council is legally required to publicly disclose all relevant details of the reportable political donation or gift onto Council's website. This will include the name and residential address of the person who provided the political donation or gift onto Council's website for full viewing by the general public.

Click here to download a copy of Council's full Privacy Management Plan (557kb) (pdf)

What kind of community engagement activities does Council run?

We design each engagement to fit the needs of the project and the affected community. We may offer a combination of online discussions, surveys, kiosks at community events, drop in information sessions or workshops. Some people don't have time to come to a face-to-face engagement and some people aren't interested in using computers. You can participate in which ever way suits you best.

Can I have my say if I don't want to fill in a survey or join a discussion forum?

Absolutely. You can write a letter and post it to:

Community Engagement

Locked Bag 8821


or email us at

What happens to my feedback and suggestions?

All community feedback is considered by Council.  Responses to engagement projects are compiled and considered. When projects are reported to Council to make a decision a summary of community feedback will be included. Updates on projects will be included in these pages and elsewhere on Council's website.  Sometimes it takes some months to provide feedback to the community and to make a decision as further investigation is often needed. We are listening and we do take your suggestions on board!